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Hemodialysis Technician Program

Graduates of our Hemodialysis Technician Program will receive a diploma, and be referred to BONENT for licensing. Once you pass the BONENT your title will change to Certified Hemodialysis Technician (CHT). Program length at Techni-Pro Institute for full-time students is 6 months on average.

What is a Dialysis Technician?
With a career as a Dialysis Technician, you can expect to work in hospitals or dialysis clinics helping patients with their kidney disease issues. Not only will you help administer the dialysis treatments, but you will also monitor the treatments, making adjustments if needed, and assure that all patients are well taken care of. This career requires the Dialysis Technician to have medical knowledge, however, it’s not required to seek formal education in this career. Those who do earn an Associate’s degree or a certificate often find better employment opportunities.

Along with assisting patients during their dialysis treatment, there are several required duties for a Dialysis Technician, including:

Assembling supplies and preparing machinery
Testing monitors and machine function
Taking patient vitals
Measuring and calculating blood flow
Disinfecting and sanitizing equipment
Communicating with patients
Providing emotional and psychosocial care to patients
Responding to alarms, adjusting equipment

Having a career as a Dialysis Technician can be an easy way to get started in the medical field. On average, a Dialysis Technician makes around $54,000 a year in the United States. After several years of experience, as well as certifications, it’s possible to make over $80,000 a year as a Dialysis Technician. Don’t expect to make this salary right out of the gate, as new Dialysis Technicians make closer to $30,000 a year to begin. Salary is usually higher for those who work in larger populations. For example, California pays its Dialysis Technicians $62,000 a year on average. However, in Indiana, a Dialysis Technician only makes about $42,000 a year.

Class Hours: 6 months – 50% online & 50% in our Hemodialysis Labs
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Entrance Requirements

(for a complete list of requirements please speak to Admissions)
  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED
  • 18 Years Old
  • $75 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Passed the Entrance Exam per TPI Policy
  • Signed Enrollment Agreement

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Upon Completion of the Hemodialysis Technician Program :

  • Diploma in Hemodialysis Technician


Class Hours: 6 months – 50% online.
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